Lets Make A Quilt!

#1. Type of Quilt

What kind of quilt are you looking for? Select from the blanket versions we have available:
  • Traditional quilt​
    • Classically quilted top in pattern of your choice. Made with cotton/poly batting and finished with a 100% cotton binding.
  • T-shirt Quilt
    • Made with graphic tee's, dress shirts, ties, overalls... etc. Great for high school/college memorabilia or remembering a loved one. Finished with cotton/poly blend batting and 100% cotton binding. 
  • Weighted Blanket​
    • Choose from 2 sizes of weighted blankets. Weighted blanket insert with 100% cotton weighted blanket cover. Top and back can be quilt pattern or full sheets of fabric.  

#2. Top Pattern

What is the overall idea of your quilt? Simple and clean lines or fun and funky shapes? Here's where you decide!
​Please view the pictures below to decide which top pattern you like best!
Isosceles Triangles
Sm T-shirt Quilt
Squares + Rec

#3. Colors & Theme

​What is the overall feel you want for your quilt? Think about your favorite colors, what the room the quilt will be in will be, or what your favorite activities are. All of these will come handy when making your quilt!

#4. Customization 

Is there anything you'd like customized? Maybe a babies name and birth date or a quote from your favorite movie! Check out the photos below to decide if you'd like anything custom printed or embroidered on your quilt!
  • Custom Blocks
    • These are screen printed blocks with (almost) whatever you want! You may be asked to email a photo or give specific info on what you're wanting. ​
  • Custom Panels​
    • These are rather large panels that take up most of the quilt (depending on size).​
  • 1in Embroidery
    • Small lettering on the binding of the quilt or on a block. Great for adding things like "Happy birthday 2020" or "with love from Granny"!​
1in Embroidery
Sm Custom Block
Lg Panel
Lg Panel
Lg Printed Block
Sm printed block
Let's Get Started!
Here's where you get specific.
Choose Your Colors:
Choose Your Theme

Thanks for your interest!

*Sizes are approximate and are usually several inches larger depending on top style. 

*Some copywritten fabric prints may be subject to an up charge for fabric costs.

*All stitching and binding colors are done with artist discretion- usually matching colors selected. Other preferences should be added as a note.

*Custom blocks are one color-- Black or white-- and there will be additional charge for each color added. Depending on complexity of block desired, some blocks may be subjected to an artist fee of $25.

*Half of total is due when custom order is placed. Other half is expected when order is complete

*Up-charges may apply to changes requested after order is confirmed.

Looking for something that's not a quilt?

Bookwyrm Quilting has several other fun ways to add to your home!

  • Table Runners and Center Cloths ($15-$35)

  • Memory Pillows ($25-$35)

  • Wall Quilts ($30-$45)

  • Face Masks ($5)

  • Teddy Bear ($40-$50)

Scroll down to get a quote on your own!

Teddy Bears

Made from fabric you choose or from a loved ones clothing, these bears are snuggle-worthy.

Face Masks

Tie back AND elastic ear loop options available!

Table Spotter

Table spotters are great for holiday celebrations, family gatherings, or just adding a pop of color to your dining area!

Table Spotter 2

Another example of a Table Spotter


Memory Pillows include an assembled outfit as the cover for a pillow. Perfect for outfits of passed loved ones, graduation robes and tassels, Scout outfits, and more!

Memory Pillow 2

Boy Scout memory pillow


Wall Quilts have no batting or backing and are finished with an outline and loops to hang on the wall.

Thanks for submitting!