Hi Alissa!

Congratulations on your newest addition!

I'm so happy you contacted me about making a baby quilt for the little one. These are some options I found.

All I need from you is to send me a message telling me which fabrics you like the best! Each fabric is numbered, please just submit each number you like. For best results, choose at least 2 of the listed fabrics,

If you like any of the combinations, just send me the combination number!

If you do not like any of these, we can get something else figured out!

You asked for the baby's name to be embroidered on the blanket- we can do that!

We offer 1in embroidery on a block or on the edge of the blanket. If you want to do the 6-12in printed block like you listed, it will be done out of heat-pressed vinyl.

The total for the blanket with Embroidery, Tax & Shipping- $85.52

Total for blanket with heat pressed block, tax, and shipping- $91.18

Thanks so much.

xoxo- Hannah

My favorite combinations-

Combo #1-

+added solid colors ($75 with name)

Combo #2- Realistic

+ added solid colors ($75 with name)

Combo #3-

+ added solid colors ($75 with name)